Research seminar

22.05.2020 Paulina Rybak
“Strongly fluorescent mesogens based on quinoxaline derivatives”
15.05.2020 Przemyslaw Pula
“Gas sensing element fabrication based on utilization of block copolymer self-assembly phenomena”
01.05.2020 Muhammad Ali
“Diffraction gratings formed by bent-core liquid crystals in the twist- bend nematic phase”
24.04.2020 Arkadiusz Leniart
“Macroscopic Alignment of Block Copolymers on Silicon Substrates by Laser Annealing – article presentation”
07.01.2020 Arkadiusz Leniart
“Thermal degradation of polymers”
15.10.2019 Arkadiusz Leniart

Andrzej Sitkiewicz
“Poly (methyl methacrylate)”

Przemysław Puła

15.07.2019 Arkadiusz Leniart
“Block copolymers beyond 2D. A path from highly-aligned to the unknown.”    

Andrzej Sitkiewicz
“Combinatorial studies on block copolymers”

Przemysław Puła
“Block copolymer based nanomeshes as a core of miniaturized sensing devices”

02.07.2019 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
“Reguła faz Gibbsa na przykładzie roztworów polimerowych”
25.06.2019 Marta Wrońska
“Applying block copolymer organization methods for assembling liquid crystalline nanotubes”    

Przemysław Puła

11.06.2019 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
“Wpływ gradientu grubości i temperatury na porządkowanie warstw lamelarnych kopolimerów blokowych”
04.06.2019 Arkadiusz Leniart
“Weak Segregation Limit. Strong Segregation Limit.”
28.05.2019 Przemysław Puła
Title: “Flory-Huggins theory and phase diagrams”
21.05.2019 Marta Wrońska
Title: “Real chains”
12.03.2019 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
Title: “Thermodynamics of polymer mixing-introduction to Flory-Huggins theory”
05.03.2019 Marta Wrońska
Title: “Real chains. Monomer-solvent interactions, types of solvents, free energy”
26.02.2019 Muhammad Ali
Title: “Conference review”
22.01.2019 Przemysław Puła
Title: “Atomic Layer Deposition of tin dioxide films – details”
10.01.2019 Muhammad Ali
Title: “Spontaneous Formation of Polarization Diffraction Gratings in Surface-Stabilized Cells Filled with Liquid Crystals in the Modulated Nematic Mode”
20.12.2018 Arkadiusz Leniart
Title: “Block copolymers at interfaces”
11.12.2018 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
Title: “Transformacja Fouriera”
04.12.2018 Marta Wrońska
Title: “Ideal chains: conformations, parameters, models, free energy and methods of measuring”
27.11.2018 Przemysław Puła
Title: “Mathematical description of polymer chains length and theory underlying experimental methods for determination of polymer molecular weight”
20.11.2018 Prof. Paweł Kebliński
Title: “Heat at Interfaces”
13.11.2018 Marta Wrońska
Title: “Fantastic polymers and where to find them – properties and applications of polymers and copolymers”
30.10.2018 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
Title: “Thin Layers – Coating Methods”
23.10.2018 Arkadiusz Leniart
Title: “Laser Annealing Methods”
09.10.2018 Marta Wrońska
Title: “Przejście szkliste i jego znaczenie w polimerach i kopolimerach”
02.07.2018 Prof. Richard Spontak
Title: “Direct Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers as a Route to Novel Hierarchical Superstructures”
12.06.2018 Przemysław Puła
Title: “Diffusion, Adsorption and Reaction Equilibria in Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Block Copolymers”
05.06.2018 dr Paweł Majewski
Title: “Self-Assembly beyond 2D – Interactions in Muliti-Layered Block Copolymer Films”
29.05.2018 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
Title: “Block Copolymer Graphoepitaxy”
22.05.2018 Arkadiusz Leniart
Title: “Directed Self-Assembly of Asymmetric Block Copolymers in Thin Films Driven by Uniaxially Aligned Topographic Patterns”
Paper review
Title: “Directed Self-Assembly of Asymmetric Block Copolymers in Thin Films Driven by Uniaxially Aligned Topographic Patterns”
Authors: Thomas Russel et al.
Journal and publication date:2018, ACS Nano, 12(2), pp. 1642-1649
17.05.2018 Magdalena Fedorczykc
Title: “Various methods of polymers synthesis”
8.05.2018 Rebecca Walker
Title: “Liquid Crystal Dimers and the Twist-Bend Nematic Phase”
Paper review
Title: “Spontaneous chirality through mixing achiral
components: a twist-bend nematic phase
driven by hydrogen-bonding between unlike
Authors: Rebecca Walker et al.
Journal and publication date:Chem. Commun., 2018, 54, 3383
24.04.2018 Karolina Łempicka
Title: “Magneto-optical activity in thin films of transition metal-doped liquid crystal”
Paper review
Title: “Spin Exchange Interaction in Substituted Copper Phthalocyanine Crystalline Thin Films”
Authors: Naveen Rawat et al.
Journal and publication date: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 2015
27.03.2018 Prof. Natasa Vaupotic
Title: “Nanoscale-modulated helical phases with homogeneous electron density distribution”
20.03.2018 Przemyslaw Pula
Title: “Gas sensors – working principle, examples and details”
Paper review
Title: “A Highly Sensitive and Fast-Responding SnO2 Sensor Fabricated by
Combustion Chemical Vapor Deposition”
Authors: Ying Liu, Erik Koep, and Meilin Liu
Journal and publication date: Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 3997-4000
Title: “Sulphonated polystyrene-b-poly(4-vinylpyridine) with
nanostructures induced by phase separation as promising humidity
sensitive material”
Authors: Yang Li ∗, Huijie Zhao, Mingfei Jiao, Mujie Yang
Journal and publication date: Sensors and Actuators B 257 (2018) 1118–1127
6.03.2018 Dr. Jadwiga Szydlowska
Title: “Electronic properties of semiconductors”
15.02.2018 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
Title: “Sequential Infiltration of Self-Assembled Block Copolymers: A Study by Atomic Force Microscopy”
Paper review
Title: “Sequential Infiltration of Self-Assembled Block Copolymers: A Study
by Atomic Force Microscopy”
Authors: Matteo Lorenzoni et al.
Journal and publication date:J. Phys. Chem. C 2017, 121, 3078−3086
8.02.2018 Dr. Damian Pociecha
Title: “X-ray diffraction as a tool for structural studies of liquid crystals. Part 2”
1.02.2018 Dr. Damian Pociecha
Title: “X-ray diffraction as a tool for structural studies of liquid crystals. Part 1”
25.01.2018 Catriona Crawford
Title: “Liquid crystal blue phases and measures of controlling their structure”
Paper review
Title: “Directed self-assembly of liquid crystalline blue-phases into ideal single-crystals”
Authors: Jose A. Martinez-Gonzalez et al.
Journal and publication date:NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2017
Title: “Strain-induced alignment and phase behaviour of blue phase liquid crystals confined to thin films”
Authors: Emre Bukusoglu et al.
Journal and publication date: Soft Matter, 2017,
13, 8999
18.01.2018 Dr. Pawel Majewski
Title: “Surface cleaning methods and surface functionalization techniques in self-assembling materials research”
11.01.2018 Dr. Mirosław Salamończyk
Title: “Chirality in liquid crystalline phases”
21.12.2017 Arkadiusz Leniart
Title: “Rapid thermal processing”
Paper review    

Title: “Pathway-engineering for highly-aligned block copolymer arrays”
Authors: F Ferrarese Lupi et al
Journal and publication date: Nanotechnology 24 315601, 2013
Title: “Rapid thermal processing of self-assembling block copolymer thin films”
Authors: Y Choo, P W Majewski, M Fukuto, C O Osuji and K G Yager
Journal and publication date: Nanoscale, 2018,10, 416-427

14.12.2017 Muhammad Ali
Title: “Birefringence Measurements”
Paper review    

Title: “The temperature dependence of the heliconical tilt angle in the twist-bend nematic phase of the odd dimer CB7CB”
Authors: C. Meyer, G. R. Luckhurst and I. Dozov
Journal and publication date: J. Mater. Chem. C, 2015, 3, 318.

7.12.2017 Magdalena Fedorczyk
Title: “Combinatorial chemistry”
Paper review    

Title: “Application of Combinatorial Chemistry and High- Throughput Methods in the Syntheses and Investigations of Polymer Materials”
Authors: M. El Fray, M. Putrej
Journal and publication date: Polimery, 3 (2009), pp. 179-188

Title: “Structure–property correlations in a combinatorial library of degradable biomaterials”
Authors: Brocchini S., James K., Tangpasuthadol V., Kohn J.
Journal and publication date: Journal of Biomaterials Research, 1 (199*), pp. 66-75.

16.11.2017 Prof. Ewa Gorecka
Title: “Chirality in Materials Built of Non-Chiral Molecules”
9.11.2017 Andrzej Sitkiewicz
“Silicon Nanowires for Gas Sensing Applications”
2.11.2017 Karolina Lempicka
Title: “Preparation of thin organic materials films for magneto-optical Faraday rotation measurements”
26.10.2017 Przemyslaw Pula
Title: “Chemical and Physical Methods of Conversion of Block-copolymer Templates into Inorganic Nanostructured Materials”
19.10.2017 Dr. Jaroslaw Majewski    

Prof. Adjunct University of California, Davis, National Science Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Title: “Neutrons: Production and Utilization for Structure and Dynamic Studies”

12.10.2017 Dr. Jadwiga Szydlowska    

Title: “Time-of-Flight (TOF) Charge Mobility Measurements”

5.10.2017 Arkadiusz Leniart    

Paper review

Title: “Ultrafast Self-Assembly of Sub-10 nm Block Copolymer Nanostructures by Solvent-Free High-Temperature Laser Annealing”
Authors: Jing Jiang, Alan G. Jacobs, Brandon Wenning, Clemens Liedel, Michael O. Thompson and Christopher K. Ober
Affiliation: Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853, United States
Journal and publication date: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2017, 9, 31317−31324
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b00774

28.09.2017 Muhammad Ali    

Title: “Interference, diffraction, diffraction gratings and index gratings in liquid crystals”

21.09.2017 Magdalena Fedorczyk    

Paper review

Title: “Selective Separation of Similarly Sized Proteins with Tunable Nanoporous Block Copolymer Membranes”
Authors: Xiaoyan Qiu, Haizhou Yu, Madhavan Karunakaran, Neelakanda Pradeep, Suzana P. Nunes and
Klaus-Viktor Peinemann
Affiliation: Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center and Water Desalination and Reuse Center, 4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal 23955-6900, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Journal and publication date: ACS Nano, 2013, 7(1), pp 768-776
DOI: 10.1021/nn305073e