PhD students

Arkadiusz Leniart

I am a student of Nanostructure Engineering at University of Warsaw. During my BSc was reasearching properties of different micellar colloids modified with gold nanoparticles as prospective drug carriers, including block copolymers and liposomes. The supervisor of my thesis was Dr Maciej Mazur from Laboratory of Electrochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry.

Later on I joined Dr Pawel Majewski research group, where I am going to create combinatorial setups of different tecniques which are supposed to improve directed self-assembly of block copolymers. I am also a semi-proffesional chess player with International Master title.

Andrzej Sitkiewicz

I am a PhD Student at the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University. I am working in Polymer Research Laboratory directed by Dr. Pawel Majewski.

In 2017 I obtained Master’s degree from the Department of Chemistry of University of Lodz in chemistry and nanotechnology of modern materials. I was working in NanoMat Group directed by Dr. hab. Jaroslaw Grobelny.  The topic of my diploma dissertation was “Electromagnetic radiation assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles”. In 2015 I finished undergraduate studies at the same University and in the same group. Main topic of my research was “Synthesis, characterization and applications of core-shell nanoparticles”.

I am interested in materials chemistry, nanotechnology and measurement technics like SEM, AFM and STM. My hobbies include travelling, classic music (e.g. by Mozart, Penderecki) and Scandinavian literature.

Przemysław Puła

I am a PhD Student at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Warsaw. My master thesis required construction of Sequential Infiltration Synthesis System, which I used to obtain aluminium oxide thin films on block copolymer templates. Morphology and structure of these samples were examined as well as they served as templates to create multilayered metal – metal oxide heterostructures. The supervisor of my MSc thesis was Dr Pawel W. Majewski.

I had many opportunities to present my scientific results during many international conferences inter alia in Thessaloniki, Greece or Aveiro, Portugal. In my spare time I like rollerblading and skiing as well as reading about news in the field of nanotechnology.