MSc Students


Przemysław Puła

I am a MSc Student of Nanostructures Engineering at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. My bachelor thesis was focused on investigating optical and structure properties of MgZnO alloys obtained by atomic layer deposition method. The supervisors of my BSc thesis were Dr hab. Krzysztof Korona, Faculty of Physics and Dr Grzegorz Łuka, Institute of Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences. I had many opportunities to present my scientific results during many international conferences inter alia in Thessaloniki, Greece or Vilnius, Lithuania as I am an active member of Student Scientific Association “Nanorurki” (Nanotubes). In my spare time I like rollerblading and skiing as well as reading about news in the field of nanotechnology.

Karolina Łempicka

I am a MSc Student of Nanostructures Engineering at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw. I executed my Bachelor’s thesis in the Laboratory of Optics on Plasmon – Polariton Structures led by Dr hab. Jacek Szczytko. My project was focused on a new class of semiconductor materials: transition metal dichalcogenides crystals (TMDCs). The main goal was to determine and descript of a new method to indicate their thickness of layers with using confocal microscope and Raman spectroscopy. During my short scientific career also I was working in projects with e.g. Nanoparticles, NMR spectroscopy (Faculty of Chemistry, 2016), XRD and perovskite materials (internship in Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, 2017). On my MSc I am mainly working on thin organic materials films (polymers, LC, dyes) for magneto-optical Faraday rotation measurements. Someone once said that I am a ‘scientific chameleon’, because I find something interesting very quickly in new research area. I am also a head of the students group: Students Scientific Society ‘Nanotubes’ since 2016. Besides scientific interests I enjoy travelling, reading crime stories, doing active sport and baking cakes. Now I am working in Dr Paweł Majewski Research Group in collaboration with Dr hab. Jacek Szczytko Laboratory at the Faculty of Physics.