Congratulations to Karolina Lempicka on reception of a scholarship from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Academic Achievements! Well done Karolina.


Congratulations to Aneta Leniart and Arkadiusz Leniart on defending their MSc theses!

Dr. Pawel W. Majewski

Marie Curie Fellowship

Self-assembled soft materials such as liquid crystals and block copolymers, thanks to their extraordinary ability to assemble into ordered periodic nanostructures are an elegant realization of Feynman’s bottom-up fabrication strategy. Our group contributes to the fundamental studies of soft materials with a focus on directed self-assembly and engineering novel functional nanostructured systems. Specifically, this group will develop novel techniques for accelerated directed self-assembly (DSA) of block copolymers (BCPs), study the formation of novel, non-conventional motifs in BCPs, and exploit these systems as smart functional materials (switchable membranes for ion conduction or filtration) and synthetic templates for functional nanostructures (sensors, multi-functional catalytic materials).